Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 18 Meeting is on!

Happy holidays!  I hope that you have been enjoying your holiday as much as I have been.  Our meeting for this weekend is on as scheduled.  That means Cafe DeLambre 5th floor starting around 2:30.  I am told this is Jenny's last meeting, but I don't like sad things so I am trying to block that from my mind/pretend it isn't real.

Directions to Cafe DeLambre - 

Take line 1 to Jonggak station. Come out exit 12 (you'll have to walk through the underground mall). Take a few steps and look to your right. You'll see the tiled elevator entrance next to the Innis Free. We'll be on the 5th floor starting from 2:30ish.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

No meeting this week

    For one reason or another most of the folks in the group cannot meet this weekend.  Our next meeting will be September 18 at Cafe DeLambre.

   I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Saying goodbye to Julie

Hey folks,
     My name is Rebecca and I will be taking over the Seoul SnB communications and web presence.  Julie will be leaving soon and this weekend is her last meeting.  If you would like to join us on Sunday please come to Cafe DeLambre (see directions below).  If you would like more information please send off an email and I'll do the best I can.


Take line 1 to Jonggak station. Come out exit 12 (you'll have to walk through the underground mall). Take a few steps and look to your right. You'll see the tiled elevator entrance next to the Innis Free. We'll be on the 5th floor starting from 2:30ish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013.... still here.

Hi Everyone -

Happy New Year!! Just a quick note to let people know that we are still meeting, although we have gone back to our bi-weekly schedule, and we're only meeting in Jongro now.

You can check out directions on our Google groups emails, or here on the blog on the Current Meeting Places page.

Happy crafting!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Meeting in Jongro!

Hi Everyone -

Our northern Sunday meetings have been jumping around a bit lately while we hunted for a new cafe, but we decided to meet in Jongro and have found a place that looks like it will be great. Our first meeting there will be this Sunday, November 13 at 2:30. Everyone is welcome, so come play with us!

This cafe is so awesome, in fact, that it's decorated like a castle and has a really cool terrace. The windows are huge, so there should be enough light, and it's four floors, so unless the place gets amazingly packed, I don't think seating will be a problem. It's got a good selection of drinks, coffee and non (mango frappe, yummy~ ^_^) and it's also a bakery, so there are various breads, some cakes, and I think some prepacked sandwiches.

The cafe is called Cafe Delambre 카페 드람브르. From the side, the sign is only in Korean, but it's not hard to find. You have to take the elevator to get in- I haven't found the other door yet.

From Jonggak Station/ underground shopping center (line 1), exit 12. Walk straight out of the exit about 20 feet and look to the right. There's an elevator that leads up to the cafe, and colorful ceramic tiles on the outside. The cafe is between Eblin Lingerie and Outback Steakhouse.

See you at 2:30 on Sunday! If you get lost, call as usual. zero one zero, four four one four, eight six four one.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not dead, promise!!

We've been getting some emails lately asking whether the group still meets. The answer is YES!!! Our calendar is in a link on the sidebar, and we keep it updated. We've lost a few people lately so we are having meetings every other week in Gangnam, and on Tuesdays at the Starbucks in Seobinggo, but if people want to meet more often, or bring back northern Seoul meetings, let us know!! We'd love to see some new faces.

The best way to keep up with what's going on with us is to check our google group mailing list. There are weekly reminders of where we will be, or you can drop us a line and tell us where you are and maybe we can meet up! We also coordinate yarn crawls over there. ^_^

Clearly, we fail at blogging regularly, but we are still stitching, so we hope to see you around!

Monday, November 15, 2010

And the winner is...

Last Sunday Seoul Stitch'n Bitch held our second (Annual? this might have become a tradition, who knows?) Ugly Blanket Raffle!! We were so excited to end this project (finally... oh, me and my crochet hook are tired) and send the blanket off to its new home. And we raised a lot of money for a great cause.

In total, we raised 376,000 won, more than double what we were able to collect last year. Over half of that was thanks to the efforts of Marie and Greg and the wonderful generosity of the teachers and staff of Eunhaeng Elementary School and Seohae Middle School in Siheung City. Thank you so much for your help!! All of the donated money went to the Korean Sexual Violence Resource Center in their efforts to help raise awareness and help victims of sexual violence.

Marie shook up all the tickets for us, so they would be well mixed, and then Greg did the honors.

And the winner of Ugly Blanket #2 is .... our very own Angie!! She's currently in Australia but will be back in Korea in February. It seems fitting that she would win this blanket, since she is the one who initiated this idea of knitting an ugly blanket for charity. Our other winners were Riah, who received a skein of gorgeous handspun, and Eunhaeng Elementary's music teacher, who received a braid of fiber. Presumably this will go to her daughter, whom Marie taught to spin at her winter Fiber Camp last year. ^_^ Both of these prizes were donated by the lovely Etsy seller, The Good Sheep.

I'll leave you with some more pictures of the blanket in all its wonderful glory. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, both in time, money, and ugly yarn/squares. The KSVRC was so excited to hear about our project, and it was a lot of fun to organize. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did, and I can't wait to do it again next year! In the meantime, work on some squares and save your extra cheon-wons for tickets... ^_~

- Siobhain